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Welcome to Synergy Steel Structures




At Synergy Steel Structures, our passion is structural steel fabrication. We realize the fabrication process begins and ends with the customer. Their requirements, from design to engineering to schedule, drive every move. After all, we’re only truly successful if we’re enhancing our customer’s bottom line by doing their project to their exact specification.

To achieve this end, we’ve taken the experience and enthusiasm of talented individuals, added cutting-edge technology and fused it with a determination to get the job right. Our project managers are at the center of this process, taking your needs and making them a reality through detailing, fabrication, and other services.

The fabrication process is built around a highly skilled team of people who are supervised by a group of foremen that average over twenty-five years of experience each in the custom structural steel fabrication process.

We are an AISC Certified Fabricator: AISC Certification sets the quality standard for the steel industry and is the most recognized national quality program for structural steel. By being certified, it is independently confirmed that we have the knowledge, organization and commitment to produce the highest quality of work.

Following AISC standards for quality control, each step of the fabrication process is inspected and documented to ensure your project is fabricated as required. The latest technology for processing parts and main members ensures accurate sizing, punching and drilling of the components that make up your project. From there, our skilled welders and fitters assemble these elements with great attention to detail. Our goal of "zero defects to the field" is a matter of pride. We are constantly striving for the perfect project.